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Fourth-generation nuclear technology hub emerging

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Progress on bringing Canada's first small modular reactor to market by ARC Nuclear Canada Inc. continues in New Brunswick. From left: New Brunswick Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland; and Norman J.D. Sawyer, president and CEO of ARC Canada.

New Brunswick is emerging as a hub for the development of the next generation of nuclear technology. Private-sector players ARC Nuclear Canada and Moltex Energy have set up operations in the province to pursue development of small modular reactors.

The goal of small modular reactor technology is to generate clean and low-cost energy to communities, including remote and rural areas, to fuel energy-intensive industries by providing a steady, low-carbon energy source and to replace electrical generation from carbon emitting sources. It would also help follow intermittent renewable energy generation. 

The province is establishing itself as a leader in the development of grid-scale reactors, hailing the potential for the technology to drive economic growth and opportunities for export. The New Brunswick government recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan over the development and deployment of the small reactors.

NB Power’s Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station has been identified as a demonstration site.


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