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Deloitte releases reports on economy, energy sector

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Reports on the energy sector and on the Canadian economy have been released by Deloitte, including one report that introduces four scenarios of how the country’s oil and gas industry may evolve over the next 10 to 15 years.

The scenarios outline potential futures and describe the implications for strategic and operational choices in an environment of increased uncertainty. The report also identifies short- and long-term decisions for companies to rethink how to compete and thrive.

Deloitte also released its latest Quarterly Oil & Gas Price forecast and keeps an energy and resources dashboard of data as a guide to companies recovering from the economic downturn brought on by COVID-19.

And the firm is publishing a series of articles outlining new perspectives on the future of Canada’s power sector, exploring the issues facing stakeholders and the options available to them.

In its overview report on the Canadian economy and the outlook for 2030, Deloitte states that high-carbon emitting industries, such as the energy sector, will be the most affected by rising carbon prices. “Nevertheless, the Canadian energy industry would remain a global leader, continuing to grow and to make a material contribution to the national economy, even if its relative share of GDP declines due to faster growth in other industries.”


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