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P.E.I. government urged to appeal wind farm decision

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The Prince Edward Island government is being urged to appeal a decision limiting growth of an island wind farm as it tries to balance the demands for greenhouse gas reduction against community concerns about large-scale green energy projects.

A proposal to expand the P.E.I. Energy Corporation's Eastern Kings Wind Farm had been given the go-ahead by the province, but the project was subsequently denied a permit by the local municipality citing concerns that the environmental costs were greater than the environmental benefits.

The Rural Municipality of Eastern Kings voted 3 to 1 against a permit for the expansion. The company managing the project, Frontier Power Systems, now wants the province to appeal the municipality’s decision.

The company says its application was in line with municipal bylaws and met all of the requirements the council set down.

The P.E.I. Energy Corporation wants to double the output of its Eastern Kings Wind Farm with the installation of seven wind turbines between the communities of Elmira and East Point to develop 30 megawatts of wind power for domestic consumption, according to an impact assessment. The new turbines would be larger than the existing 10 at the site.

The province has yet to decide on a course of action.


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