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Support for Natural Gas Development Rises, Opposition Drops

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Steady trend accepting natural gas development over past four years

Saint John, NB (September 11, 2018) – The Atlantica Centre for Energy today released results of third-party, independent polling indicating support for natural gas development in New Brunswick has risen dramatically across the province.

Polling during the month of August, released this week, shows support increases in demographic categories including region, gender, income level, age, and education level.

The independent survey conducted by Corporate Research Associates found that 61 per cent of New Brunswickers polled completely or mostly support the development of natural gas in New Brunswick. This result is up from 41 per cent in 2014, and 52 per cent in 2015. The poll also indicated those opposing the development of natural gas fell to 33 per cent.

“The efforts of multiple groups across the province to disseminate information has helped to de-bunk myths that were circulating regarding development of natural gas in New Brunswick,” stated Colleen Mitchell, president of the Atlantica Centre for Energy, a group that compiles information on energy issues in the Atlantic region. “Given access to New Brunswick-specific information, the public’s confidence has risen sharply to 61 per cent in support, which is considerable. In addition, opposition to exploration and development has declined to 33 per cent, which is a significant drop.”

The public has increased access to credible information over the past four years.

“It appears that by identifying primary concerns and addressing real issues, people across New Brunswick have an increased level of confidence on the process here. The track record of Corridor Resources, which has been operating in New Brunswick without incident for over a decade, certainly is an indicator this industry can operate safely,” commented Ms. Mitchell. “It was critical to tone down the rhetoric and focus on the facts.”

The results of this poll are timely. Natural gas supplies from off-shore Nova Scotia are in the process of being decommissioned and will end in December. New Brunswick onshore resources are perfectly situated to supply natural gas to Maritime customers.

The Atlantica Centre for Energy serves as a conduit between researchers, community groups, users and producers of energy to engage in energy-related issues and help realize opportunities associated with energy resources in Atlantic Canada and the American Northeast.

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The poll was conducted by Corporate Research Associates during the month of August 2018. The table of polling results is attached.


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