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In December 2014 over $500 million of investment in natural gas development in New Brunswick came to a standstill. The government effectively announced an end to existing development as well as any new prospects.

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The Canadian Energy Research Institute has released its most recent study which examines the potential complete or partial substitution of eastern Canadian crude oil imports via domestically-sourced oil. The research provides a cost and emissions comparison based on four potential scenarios of substituting domestic vs. foreign crude oil in the central and eastern Canadian refinery market. 

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The future of Canada’s oil and natural gas industry is important to all Canadians, in all regions of the country, and for all types of businesses or organizations.  Whether directly or indirectly linked to Canada’s oil and natural gas industry, you will recognize the significant economic contribution we make to the country.  Investing more than $40 billion annually, we are the largest private sector investor in the country.

Report: A Global Vision for the Future of Canadian Oil and Natural Gas

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