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Canada’s Energy Future 2016

Framework for Responsible Development of Natural Gas in New Brunswick

This discussion paper looks at how natural gas has developed in North America, the differences in geology, plus rules and regulations across various shale fields. It includes sections on the environment, health, safety, economy and community implications of developing the natural resource in New Brunswick.

House of Commons standing committee on Oil and Gas Development

Developing Atlantic Canada’s oil and gas reserves has the potential to transform New Brunswick from a have-not province to an economic powerhouse like Saskatchewan, a federal committee researching the industry has heard.

Colleen Mitchell, president of Atlantica Centre for Energy, told a bipartisan panel delving into the cross-Canada benefits of further developing the oil and gas industry that the royalties Saskatchewan receives from the oil and gas sector roughly equate to New Brunswick’s equalization payments. Telegraph Journal, March 10, 2014

Atlantica Centre for Energy paper - Interconnected: Our economy. Our natural resources. Our environment. Our public services. Our obligation to each other. New Brunswick's Future

The purpose of this paper is to serve as an instrument of discussion to advance the dialogue on how and under what conditions we can responsibly develop our natural resources. The paper aims to pose the question: is there a satisfactory way to develop our natural resources to attract investment and generate wealth to contribute to our province’s essential social programs. The interconnection between our natural resources and our economy is explored. The Centre firmly believes we can have both the economic development we need to sustain our economy while at the same time protecting our environment and the concerns of our citizens.

The social license to operate becomes as important as the physical permits required by government. New and progressive societal partnerships are required in order to find ways that both protect our environment and strengthen our economy. Seeking and earning a social license to operate is vital to the success of a jurisdiction's resource sector. Industry and community partners need to develop this social contract together to ensure sustainable progress. - February 1, 2012

Considerations for Responsible Gas Development of the Frederick Brook Shale in New Brunswick

Advancing the Energy Dialogue

On June 23, 2010 the Atlantica Centre for Energy shared a set of discussion papers with key industry, government and community stakeholders during its meeting of the Centre’s Board of Directors. The Centre which serves as the principal meeting ground for energy stakeholders in the broader region prepared the set of papers aimed to further advance the energy dialogue in the region.

The five papers aim to outline many of the challenges and opportunities in our regional energy sector and present options for stakeholders and policy makers to consider. The following links provide the contents for each of the respective papers 

  1. Advancing the Energy Dialogue: Powering Economic Development in New Brunswick
  2. Electricity: A Regional Vision for Sustainability
  3. Natural Gas: Achieving the Full Potential
  4. Smart Energy: Renewables and New Technologies
  5. Energy: A Regional Opportunity

Workforce Expansion & The Labour Supply Challenge

The purpose of this discussion paper has been to share why our region is uniquely positioned to serve as the Energy Hub for the International Northeast, with is diverse mix of energy related assets, while at the same time the papers key object is to build awareness that unless project proponents, governments and the community begin to take meaningful action now, the labour supply challenge is potentially a crisis “on our doorstep” that could detrimentally affect the major Energy Hub projects.  

The Energy Sector - An Investment in the People and Communities of Atlantic Canada

Our region has one of the most diverse mixes of energy in North America and we stand on the threshold of a market that is 14 times larger than we have in our four provinces. The energy sector will lead Atlantic Canada in opening new markets, developing new technologies, and welcoming new people to the region. It is an investment in our communities and our people that will pay dividends for years to come. 

Recommendations for Mutual Engagement

- Tim Curry

There’s a lot at stake when an energy project comes to town. Citizens of host communities will want to know how these new developments will impact – both positively and negatively – their quality of life and the surrounding environment. This paper provides a framework for how citizens and company officials may engage in a meaningful conversation to determine whether proposed energy projects can become positive additions to the community. 

LNG and Atlantic Canada’s Opportunity

– Angela Tu Weissenberger

Atlantic Canada is about to realize a huge opportunity to be one of the first to capture the growing North American LNG market. This speech highlights the economic benefits associated with this project for both the city of Saint John and Atlantic Canada as a whole and outlines steps that Atlantic Canadians can take to maximize these benefits.




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