Atlantica Centre For Energy

Natural Gas Information - Safety

ACE Responsible Gas Development in NB 2011

BC pipeline performance and activity report 2011

CAAP The Facts on Natural Gas

CAPP Hydraulic Fracturing Operating Practice - Fracturing Fluid Additive Risk Assessment and Management 2012

CERES Fracturing & Water Stress 2013

Data Confirm Safety Of Fracking US Oil & Gas 2010

Groundwater Quality Study from Domestic Wells in the Sussex and Elgin regions GSC 2013

How Natural Gas Fuels the Clean Energy Revolution USA 2013

Is natural gas a climate change solution for Canada Pembina 2011

NB Nat Gas Promise, Threat, or Opportunity AdrianPark 2012

NB Rules for Natural Gas February 15, 2013

NB Energy Commission Final Report 2011

NBSC Fracking Policy Development Draft Feb 14 2014

Penn The Impact of Marcellus Gas Drilling on Rural Drinking Water Supplies March 2012

SWN Frac Fluid What’s In It

Sask Geoscience Success Stories Sask Min of Energy 2011

Saskatchewan Bakken Play A Triumph of Innovation and Inspiration Oil field PULSE 2013

Shale Gas In Canada Potential, Implications Par L Info Res Service 2014

Study of Groundwater Quality from Domestic Wells in the Sussex and Elgin Regions GSC 2013

The Modern Practices of Hydro Frackturing Focus On Canada PTAC

Understanding Water and Unconventional Resources CSUR

What Everyone Should Know About Hydraulic Fracturing Apache Corp 2012


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