Atlantica Centre For Energy

Large Scale Wind Projects

Large scale wind projects will benefits New Brunswick as well as neighboring jurisdictions from a deployment of 5,500-7,500 MW of wind power capacity in the Maritimes Area towards 2025. This includes 3,000-4000 MW in New Brunswick, 500-1,500 MW in Prince Edward Island and 2,000-2,500 MW in Nova Scotia. Exploiting this potential for wind power will bring economic benefits to the Maritimes provinces as well as New England. Québec may profit from providing balancing power.

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Furthermore, wind power deployment will contribute to the security of supply of the region, it will be part of a climate change strategy, and it may bring benefits to the local environment by reducing air pollution. An investment into renewable energy of such magnitude creates both environmental and economic benefits for the region, particularly the opportunity to export this safe, environmentally-friendly energy surplus to other regions throughout the international northeast.


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