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Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Project

The Churchill River in Labrador is a significant source of renewable, clean electrical energy. The existing 5,428 megawatt (MW) Churchill Falls Generating Station, which began producing power in 1971, harnesses about 65% of the potential generating capacity of the river. The remaining 35% is located at two sites on the lower Churchill River, known as the Lower Churchill Project.

The Lower Churchill hydroelectric project consists of two of the best undeveloped hydroelectric sites in North America: Gull Island, located 225 kilometres downstream from the existing Churchill Falls Generating Station; and Muskrat Falls, located 60 kilometres downstream from Gull Island. Together these two plants are able to produce energy for up to 1.5 million homes annually and contribute significantly to the reduction of air emissions from thermal, coal and fossil fuel power generating. In particular the projects would displace an estimated 16 mega tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually from comparable production from coal thermal generation.

It includes a generating station with a capacity of approximately 800 megawatts and a concrete damn with two sections on the north and south abutments of the river. 

This will be connected via the Maritime Link to the rest of Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and New England.


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