The Atlantic region is making significant strides in leading the way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. Still, to achieve the various net-zero climate targets, it is apparent that Atlantic Canada must undergo an energy transition that leverages every tool in its toolbox.

To help explain what this means, the Atlantica Centre for Energy has released a catalogue of resources, Atlantic Canada’s Energy Transition, as an asset for Earth Day 2022.

This catalogue showcases Atlantic Canada’s energy infrastructure and highlights the region’s goals, plans, and advances in reducing greenhouse gas emissions with innovative clean-energy technologies. It helps demonstrate what we can do as individuals and as a collective region to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

With over 89 resources, topics include renewable energy technologies, SMART products, natural gas, hydrogen, energy-efficient vehicles, SMRs, and more! Our team at Atlantica believes this catalogue gives a great snapshot of where our region was, where we are now, and where we are heading.

Having collected timely and relevant resources from over 32 organizations, the diversity in content allows learners to explore topics while supporting various levels of understanding through their choice of articles, videos, infographics, web maps, activities and more!

The Atlantica Centre for Energy is grateful to be surrounded by a network of organizations like the Centre of Excellence for Energy, Saint John Energy, Natural Resources Canada, and many others that have dedicated specific efforts to ensure valuable energy information reaches the fingertips of all.

Our Centre would love to have you explore its contents and share this resource with those in your networks that would also benefit.

Read ‘Atlantic Canada’s Energy Transition.