The Atlantica Centre for Energy has partnered with New Brunswick’s Centre of Excellence for Energy to help foster student interest in the province’s energy sector.

The partnership began ahead of the current school year as an opportunity to provide students with an understanding of future career possibilities in New Brunswick’s energy sector.

Atlantica sees the project as a way to connect students with experts in their fields.

“The Atlantica Centre for Energy fully supports the effort to provide educational information to New Brunswick’s youth,” says Colleen d’Entremont, president of Atlantica.

“It is important for students to access information on all the careers available to them. We appreciate this initiative of the New Brunswick government and are certain it will be instrumental in providing educational information to help prepare students for careers post-graduation.”

Atlantica will assist in providing experiential learning opportunities and resources such as speaker series videos, panel discussions, in-person and virtual learning, on-site tours, in-class activities, job shadowing and much more. The ultimate goal is to support students by building interest and recognizing career opportunities available in the energy sector.

In a recent example of the benefits of collaboration, the Centre of Excellence for Energy, Atlantica and NB Power provided teachers with a series of webinars and resources for students to access throughout a week-long learning opportunity in mid-October.

The online resources connected students in grades six to 12 with clean-energy educators and nuclear-science experts to provide unique learning about the contributions, innovations, and opportunities that can be found by exploring all aspects of science.

The Atlantica Centre for Energy is a forum for the education and research sectors, and the community at large, to foster partnerships and engage in energy-related issues and policy developments with its members across Atlantic Canada and the American Northeast. Through this partnership, Atlantica is now leveraging this extensive network to help create additional opportunities that can enrich the delivery of curriculum in the New Brunswick education system.

To learn more about the Centre of Excellence and to access its resources, please visit: