Smart Grid 101

2023-11-28T17:47:13+00:00November 28th, 2023|Beginner, Educational Resources, Energy Efficiency, Energy Stories, Featured, Intermediate, News, Transportation|

Smart Grid 101 builds off of lessons learned in Electricity 101 and Electrical Grid 101. Together, these pages can help you better understand how we use electricity as energy today, and how we can do so more efficiently in the future. Over a century ago, the electrical grid in Atlantic Canada was established to

Electric Vehicle Chargers: The Basics

2022-12-08T03:15:06+00:00November 18th, 2021|Educational Resources, Intermediate, Transportation, Webpages|

Going all-in with electric vehicles (EVs) is a key part of transitioning Canadian transportation to a net-zero emissions future. It’s one reason why the Government of Canada has set an ambitious federal target that by 2040, 100% of light-duty vehicle sales will be zero-emission vehicles. As auto manufacturers produce more EVs and new models

Myth busting electric vehicles

2022-12-08T02:15:30+00:00January 18th, 2019|Educational Resources, Intermediate, Podcast, Transportation|

There are so many myths surrounding electric vehicles: how they work, how far they can go and how much they cost. On this episode of AskNRCan, we’re myth busting EVs! Car lover and NRCan program officer Yves Madore talks about common misconceptions about electric vehicles, from charging stations to battery life to charge time.

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