Industry, utilities and government align on a clean energy future, so what’s the hold up?

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A perspective from the Smart Energy Event from April 15-16, 2024, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Commentary by Michelle Robichaud, President, Atlantica Centre for Energy. Atlantic Canada’s premier energy conference was held in Halifax earlier this month, and the Smart Energy conference delivered a jam-packed agenda and attracted the country’s top energy minds to debate

Atlantic Canada can win in the energy transition, despite the ‘politics’

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$40 Billion in energy projects expected to begin construction before 2030 Commentary by Michelle Robichaud, President The Atlantica Centre for Energy’s Chair, Stephen MacMackin, recently wrote 2024 can be a pivotal time in Atlantic Canada’s energy transition if “some of the ‘politics’ can be removed to allow businesses to invest

From Norway to New Brunswick: Why OSO chose Saint John

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Above (from left): OSO Hotwater Group CEO Roy A. Magnussen, Saint John Energy President and CEO Ryan Mitchell and Sigurd Braathen, owner of OSO Hotwater Group. A culture of innovation by Saint John Energy, Port Saint John expansion spur firm to establish Canadian operations in city Guest Commentary by Roy A. Magnussen, CEO of

One-size-fits-all policies not always best in Maritimes

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Guest commentary by Donald J. Savoie, Canada Research Chair in Public Administration and Governance, Université de Moncton. This commentary first appeared in the Telegraph Journal on Saturday, September 16, 2023. It has been shared with the author’s permission.    Several years ago, the federal government introduced the Atlantic Immigration Program. Ottawa recognized that “national

It’s time for an honest conversation in Atlantic Canada about the federal Clean Electricity Regulations

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Commentary by Michelle Robichaud, President. This commentary appeared in all New Brunswick on September 8, 2023 and in the Telegraph Journal on September 11, 2023.  The federal government recently released their Clean Electricity Regulations. These are sweeping rules designed to eliminate virtually all greenhouse gas emissions from electricity produced in Canada by 2035.  After

Myth-busting nuclear energy

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Commentary by Dr. John Crompton, MD, FRCP, Past President Conservation Council of New Brunswick. This commentary first appeared in The Hill Times on August 24, 2023. It is shared with the author's permission.  It has been a hot summer around the world, but this may be the coldest year of the rest of our

How can burning oil help us reach net zero?

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Commentary by Jonathan Alward, Vice President, Policy Given all the interest in climate change and in reducing the use of fossil fuels, especially those generating electricity, it is no surprise many people were shocked to learn about Nova Scotia Power’s plans to transition existing coal-fired electricity generation at the Lingan Generating Station to use

My energy knowledge shift

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Student Perspective by Yeasmin Ibrahim I am Yeasmin, I will be graduating from the NBCC Business Administration: Marketing Diploma program in June. I consider myself a creator at heart with many mediums including food, artwork, and ideas. I was pleased to be selected for the Marketing Outreach Coordinator position at Atlantica Centre for Energy

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