Ryan Mitchell, vice-president and chief development officer at Saint John Energy, has been named one of Canada’s Clean50 leaders for 2021.

In choosing Mitchell for the recognition, organizers noted: “Ryan is championing a strategy of growth driven by innovation and the pursuit of cleaner energy solutions, where the centrepiece is the creation of a smart grid driven by advanced artificial intelligence.

“The sophisticated, $13 million power grid bolsters efficiency, curbs GHG emissions, and ties in a significant injection of renewable energy. The project aims to smooth peaks in energy demand and involved the world’s first installation of a Tesla Megapack battery. Saint John Energy also spearheaded the Burchill Wind Project, enabling them to provide about 15 per cent of the power needs for the city while saving millions of dollars a year in energy purchasing costs.”

The full list of honorees, including others from the Atlantic region, is available on the web.