Facts about Atlantic Canada’s Energy Sector:

  • The Atlantic provinces have more affordable industrial energy rates, on average, than the six New England States (except Vermont).

To better understand energy costs in the four Atlantic provinces relative to Quebec and the six New England states, the Atlantica Centre for Energy calculated recent average annual costs for natural gas, gasoline and diesel (combined), and electricity. To determine the rankings, prices for each category were compared against the lower price in the region. The energy cost rankings are broken into customer classes (residential, commercial and industrial).

For example, residential electricity costs were $0.09 per kWh in Quebec (lowest), compared to $0.42 per kWh in New Hampshire (highest). Quebec was then given a relative score of 1.00 for residential electricity rates, and Massachusetts was given 4.66.

The aggregate rate in  New England was more, on average, because of higher electricity costs.



  • Ranking calculations reflect average prices (different units) for electricity, natural gas, and (gasoline + diesel) from across eastern Canada and New England. The average prices are relative to the lowest baseline cost, for residential, commercial and industrial categories. All prices listed are in CAD.
  • The average rate costs calculations to not necessarily translate to average energy costs. Users will not necessary use electricity, gasoline, diesel, or natural gas equally.
  • Data obtained reflects the latest available data, where practical, and includes calculations from 2022 and 2023.
  • Some data remains unclear whether taxes and/or delivery fees are included.
  • Gasoline rates in Canadian provinces reflected the price in the largest municipality.
  • Natural gas prices were excluded from the calculations for Newfoundland and Labrador and Prince Edward Island as there is no direct comparison for cost delivered by pipeline vs. truck).