Facts about Atlantic Canada’s Energy Sector:

  • Atlantic Canada’s energy sector directly employed more than 16,500 jobs in 2023.
    • Atlantic Canada’s energy sector indirectly employed more than 21,200 jobs in 2023.

The Atlantica Centre for Energy used data from Careers in Energy’s latest report, combined with electricity sector data from Statistics Canada, to estimate the number of direct and indirect jobs tied to the region’s energy sector in 2023. The data is broken into estimates for the electricity sector and other energy sectors, which includes oil and gas, clean fuels and biomass:

  • Direct jobs (electricity sector): 7,330;
  • Indirect jobs (electricity sector): 9,401;
  • Direct jobs (other energy sectors): 9,200; and,
  • Indirect jobs (other energy sectors): 11,800.



  • The Careers in Energy data represents a forecast for 2023. Careers in Energy’s report includes forecasts for oil and gas sector careers, biomass and clean fuels, but excludes forecasts for careers in electricity generation, distribution and transmission. 
  • The Careers in Energy data for direct jobs includes established and emerging sectors. However, the estimate for indirect jobs does not include emerging sectors.
  • Electricity sector job forecasts reflect data from Statistics Canada for 2022 (Electric power generation, transmission and distribution [NAICS 2211]).
  • Indirect jobs were calculated using a conservative ratio (128% indirect:direct jobs), obtained from the CiE report ratios for Atlantic Canada.
  • According to Canada’s Energy Factbook 2023-2024, total sector direct employment in Atlantic Canada (2022) was 13,122. Direct employment in the Careers in Energy report was 9,200 across Atlantic Canada in 2023 (estimate).
  • Indirect employment in the Energy Factbook was 1.40 (vs. 1.28 in the CIE report).