The Atlantica Centre for Energy, in collaboration with the University of New Brunswick (UNB), hosts the Energy Fundamentals for Leaders (EFL) certificate program each year. This program was created 12 years ago and is tailored for professionals, leaders, and managers at all career levels who are engaged directly or indirectly in the energy sector.

Professionals who participate in the program will have the opportunity to gain an extensive energy vocabulary, and improve their understanding of the economic, socio-economic, policy, and environmental impacts of energy.

Participants will also be exposed to a comprehensive portfolio of energy assets, can expand their network of energy professionals, and gain a global perspective on regional energy issues, opportunities, and challenges.

The 2023-2024 cohort included 24 professionals who graduated in May 2024. Each year, the program maintains a small, intimate cohort to ensure that everyone’s questions are addressed, and productive discussions take place.

This program is from October-May, running three days per month (excluding December and March) at Saint John Energy’s office. The content provides students with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of complex energy topics through monthly modules, including:

  1. Energy Fundamentals: Becoming literate in an energy complex world,
  2. Energy Economics: Energy markets, economic impacts, and the global energy environment,
  3. Energy Policy: The legislation and regulation guiding our energy future,
  4. Understanding the Energy Consumer: The how and why driving energy use, misuse, and abuse,
  5. Innovative Energy Technologies & Alternate Resources: Energy technology lifecycle, and;
  6. Energy at Work : Putting it all together (case study)

During each module, several energy experts provide information and answer questions, and the cohort attends an insightful tour of a local energy asset to improve their learning experience.

Participants in the most recent cohort shared feedback on their experience:

Samantha Craft, Irving Oil “The EFL program is such a huge benefit for anyone in the energy sector, whether you’re new in the sector or have been involved for a long time. Not only are the connections I’ve made in this program lifelong, but I have been able to expand my energy-lingo, energy knowledge and keep up to date on the latest technology changes. Each module was thoughtfully laid out, planned appropriately and all looped together to give you an overall picture of what is going on in the energy sector. I would rate this program 10/10 and would encourage any one to take it.”

Karen Augustine, MTI  – “I had an incredibly positive experience participating in the EFL Program. From my perspective as a mature, Indigenous woman, the program was inclusive and supportive, providing a welcoming and respectful environment. Overall, the EFL program has been instrumental in my academic and professional growth. It not only equipped me with a solid foundation in energy studies but also empowered me as an Indigenous student, ensuring that I felt respected and included throughout my educational journey.”

Graeme Brown, Irving Oil“I’ve been quite inspired by the EFL program and from our visit to Mactaquac.  It was a bit humbling, I had no idea how complex operating a hydroelectric facility like Mactaquac can be. A goal I have coming out of this course is to try and summarize what I’ve learned into a 1-2 hour PowerPoint presentation for my team at Irving Oil.”

If you or your colleagues are looking to enhance your leadership skills, expand your network of energy professionals, and deepen your understanding of the energy sector, join for the next session of the EFL certificate program, which will begin on October 24, 2024.

For further information on each of these modules, please visit UNB’s website.

To register, contact Leah Butler at