Canada’s next steps for clean air and a strong economy outlines the critical role low-carbon fuels are expected to play in hard to decarbonize sectors like industry and transportation. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is supporting projects that address knowledge gaps and support industry in areas of adopting clean fuels such as clean hydrogen, advanced biofuels, and renewable natural gas and more. 

Fuel 4 the Future is a project focused on helping post-secondary students envision a path forward for themselves in the clean fuels industry. Together with industry experts, educators, and First Nations communities, Fuel 4 the Future is enhancing knowledge of adopting clean fuels and clarifying the career opportunities that exist here in Atlantic Canada. Fuel 4 the Future offers curriculum and career resources to ensure post-secondary students understand how they can make an impact. 

Fuel 4 the Future’s website has an interactive learning game featuring 3 clean fuel pathways that allow students to learn about renewable natural gas, biofuels, and clean hydrogen. 

The project also hopes to get as many as possible to complete the Clean Fuels Awareness survey to help understand the baseline knowledge of clean fuels among post-secondary students to continue to provide valuable information to the future workforce.  

From September 2023 to March 2024 with the help of colleges and universities, Fuel 4 the Future is participating in events throughout Atlantic Canada, including in-class activities, presentations, job fairs, and more. 

Fuel 4 the Future will be awarding 3 bursaries to Atlantic Canadian students in March of 2024. One bursary is open to Indigenous youth and the other two bursaries are open to all students in a clean fuels-related field, including international students. 

Want to learn more? Visit the project’s website here.