David Alston’s commentary appeared in the Telegraph Journal on July 4th, 2023. To read his commentary in full, visit: https://tj.news/greater-saint-john/102133745.

David Alston is a New Brunswick-based repeat tech and marketing startup entrepreneur.

“One of the areas of innovation that I’ve always been fascinated with is energy, specifically green and non-carbon emitting energy.”

David noted that he’s been a relatively early adopter of hybrid and electric vehicles, and has connected a solar array at his property to help offset the energy he uses there.

“When it comes to greening the electrical grid, I appreciate that even with the continual addition of more wind and solar, the intermittent nature of each supply will most likely never perfectly align with the mostly predictable demands of industrial and residential users.”

“While battery and other storage technologies will eventually play a role in helping to match supply and demand, there is still the need for steady sources of electricity that are not carbon emitting…”

When David discovered that Moltex energy was developing advanced Small Modular Reactor (aSMR) technology in New Brunswick, he was thrilled. “What makes Moltex’s technologies so exciting is that not only can they recycle nuclear waste and turn it into fuel for their SMR, but in doing so, waste volume and radioactivity is reduced, making it easier to manage.”

“I’m proud to live in a province developing cutting-edge solutions – including one hat promises to deliver substantial environmental and economic benefits, not just for here at home, but for potentially millions of people around the world.”

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To learn more about Moltex Energy, visit: https://www.moltexenergy.com/