Irving Oil announced on July 12, 2022, that its Saint John, New Brunswick-based refinery will be the first in Canada to invest in an electrolyzer, as part of a larger goal to introduce hydrogen fueling infrastructure to the regional market.

The refinery is one of the largest producers of hydrogen in Canada, generating more than 200 tonnes of hydrogen per day using a steam reformation process involving natural gas. The hydrogen is currently used to lower the sulphur content of petroleum products like diesel fuel.

By investing in a 5-megawatt hydrogen electrolyzer, Irving Oil will soon be able to generate fuel in a very different way by using water molecules and electricity from the local grid to produce a clean hydrogen. The company stated once the project is operational, by late 2023, it will be able to produce 2 tonnes of clean hydrogen per day, the equivalent of fueling 60 buses.

This initial hydrogen electrolyzer investment will contribute to Irving Oil’s greater objective of achieving a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

This member of the Atlantic Hydrogen Alliance, Irving Oil’s announcement solidifies an optimistic outlook for the future development of a viable hydrogen supply chain in Atlantic Canada and is an important step in the transition to net-zero.

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