Atlantica recently interviewed Jason Aspin, CEO of AKA Energy Systems, to learn more about the business’ operations in Prince Edward Island and across the world. 

Q. Please tell us about AKA Energy Systems. What do you do in the energy sector?

A. AKA Energy Systems is a globally recognized systems integrator and sustainable engineering company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and supporting power and propulsion assets for various industries, including marine, offshore, and renewable energy. 

With a history dating back to its founding in 1996, AKA has evolved from a technical documentation and training company to a full-fledged engineering solutions provider. The company has a diverse and highly skilled team of over 140 professionals worldwide, supported by a network of specialized contractors.  

AKA has partnered with MAN Energy Solutions to further offer turnkey integrated power, propulsion, and microgrid solutions, providing added value and reduced project and operational risk. AKA’s global clients and partners also include Transocean, Shell, GE Energy, Siemens, Eaton, Schneider Electric, and many more. 

CEO, Jason Aspin

Q. What role does the business play in the offshore oil sector? 

A. AKA Energy Systems plays a significant role in the offshore oil sector by providing innovative solutions to decarbonize operations and enhance fuel efficiency and reliability in offshore drilling, achieving demonstrated fuel savings exceeding 50% in some cases. These innovations have not only benefited the offshore oil industry but have also extended to marine and land-based microgrids, revolutionizing conventional approaches in these sectors. 

AKA has several world firsts in the marine industry like the first Marine Hybrid Propulsion System on a tugboat and DNV-approved DP2/3 Closed-bus system, moving into land-based industries, AKA is currently constructing one of the largest solar power plants, if not the largest in Atlantic Canada using their microgrid and energy storage and distribution capabilities. 

Q. What work are you doing now to help provinces, communities, utilities, and others reduce their emissions? 

A. AKA is actively working to reduce emissions by leveraging our expertise in solar installations for residential, commercial, and custom projects. Our engineering team recently collaborated closely with fishermen to develop a one-of-its-kind hybrid fishing boat to meet the unique needs of the fishing community to further reduce emissions in the marine industry. AKA partners with educational institutions like the University of Prince Edward Island and Holland College by offering practical experience to students, contributing to their educational initiatives, providing access to real-world data, and facilitating on-site tours to enhance their understanding of renewable energy. Additionally, AKA actively supports organizations striving for positive change through donations and volunteer efforts. 

Q. Please talk about your work with the Smart Microgrids, like the Summerside Sunbank project, for example.

A. AKA Energy Systems has demonstrated its expertise in Microgrid solutions through various land-based projects, including the Wastewater Treatment Plant, Pooles Corner Microgrid, Sunbank in Summerside, and the retrofitting of numerous microgrids in the offshore drilling and marine industry around the world. 

AKA Energy Systems’ Summerside Sunbank Project in Summerside, PEI, is a transformative renewable energy initiative featuring 46,000 photovoltaic panels, a Smart Microgrid, and a 20 MWh Battery Energy Storage System. The Sunbank project aims at reducing carbon emissions by approximately 21,000 tonnes annually and supplying 25% of the city’s electrical energy needs, contributing significantly to Summerside’s renewable energy goal and exemplifying sustainable development in Canada. 

Q. Why did the business’ headquarters in Prince Edward Island?

A. The headquarters of AKA found its home in Prince Edward Island primarily because I am an Islander and wanted to return home and contribute to the community that I grew up in. This personal connection and the desire to give back was a driving force behind the decision.

PEI’s supportive government initiatives and a collaborative ecosystem, with local organizations and institutions, played a role in AKA’s choice to locate its headquarters here, promoting engineering innovation in sustainability. Furthermore, PEI’s past, present, and future commitment to sustainability perfectly aligns with AKA’s values, allowing additional synergies between the company, the environment that we live and work in, and the local community and governmental institutions. 

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