Energy Stories

The Atlantica Centre for Energy is committed to helping foster sustainable growth related to energy opportunities in Atlantic Canada by proactively engaging with industry, the education and research sectors, government, and the public. Featured energy stories present an opportunity to reflect on various important energy topics.

Energy Wallet 101

May 29th, 2024|

What is an energy wallet? Energy wallet is a relatively new term coined to help describe the total amount a household spends directly on energy. This wallet could include spending on lights, heating, and

Recap: Canada’s Budget 2024

April 23rd, 2024|

Canada’s Budget 2024 was released on April 16, 2024. This Budget includes several new tax changes and incentives which will impact Canada’s energy sector and energy affordability for customers. The Atlantica Centre for Energy

Grid-Scale Batteries 101

April 23rd, 2024|

What are grid-scale batteries? Grid-scale batteries, also known as utility-scale batteries or Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), are a collection of individual smaller batteries housed within a single controlled, large-scale energy storage system. They

Member Spotlight: ABO Wind

March 26th, 2024|

Atlantica recently interviewed Sean Fleming, Senior Project Manager Renewables, to learn more about ABO Wind’s regional and global stake in the energy sector. Q: Please tell us about ABO Wind.

Natural Gas Grid 101

March 26th, 2024|

Natural Gas 101 explores what natural gas is, how it is used in Atlantic Canada, and what its future role may be in the region. But how does natural gas get to consumers in

Natural Gas 101

February 28th, 2024|

What is natural gas and how is it processed? Natural gas is an energy source found underground in sedimentary basins and is colourless and odourless. It primarily consists of methane, with smaller amounts of