On February 13, the Government of Nova Scotia approved two wind farm projects developed by Natural Forces Developments in partnership with the 13 Mi’kmaw bands in the province through Wskijnu’k Mtmo’taqnuow Agency Ltd. 

The Benjamins Mill Wind Project, near Windsor, will contain 28 turbines and aims to produce 150MW of electricity. The Westchester Wind Project, near Oxford, will contain 12 turbines to produce up to 50MW.  

Natural Forces Developments, aims to begin construction on both projects later in 2023 and commissioned by the end of 2025.  

Nova Scotia’s Minister of Environment, Hon. Tim Halman, approved the projects with conditions, including stipulations about wildlife and habitat, noise and public engagement.  

Natural Foreces wanted to express their gratitude to the Government of Nova Scotia, Minister Tim Halman, their partners Wskijnu’k Mtmo’taqnuow Agency Ltd., the Natural Forces team, and all others that supported this project. 

To learn more about the Westchester Wind Project, visit: https://www.naturalforces.ca/westchester-wind-project.html. 

To learn more about the Benjamin Mills Wind Project, visit: https://www.naturalforces.ca/benjamins-mills-wind-project.html.