A Nova Scotia company has begun construction of a wind project in Maine expected to cost more than $60 million.

SWEB Development, based in Halifax and a subsidiary of the Austrian-based W.E.B international group of companies, is erecting the 20-megawatt farm near Bangor.

“We are in growth mode currently, with big plans for both wind and solar in the U.S. over the next few years, and we have plans to bring several hundred megawatts online,” SWEB Development CEO Rory Cantwell says. “The more projects we’re able to bring online in North America, the more we’ll grow our home base in Halifax.”

The Halifax office has 10 employees and is particularly active in the American market, he told the Saltwire news service.

“We’ve got projects in development in New England, New York and the southern states,” Cantwell said. “We would like to do more in Canada, as well, so we’ll see how things progress over time.”

He described the demand as high.

“Renewable energy has never been a more in-demand commodity than right now. Not only does it act as a major force in the international climate change mitigation effort, but costs have come down tremendously over the last few years and renewables will be a big part of the post-COVID economic recovery effort.”