On December 7, 2022, the Government of Nova Scotia released its Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth, which provides 68 actions to address three key goals:

  • Outline how the province will meet its 2030 GHG emissions reduction target and reach net-zero by 2050;
  • Position Nova Scotians to capitalize on opportunities in the clean economy; and
  • Identify how Nova Scotians can partner with each other and their communities to prepare for and respond to the impacts of climate change.

The new Plan outlines actions the province can take over the next five years and will require collaboration with industry, municipalities and many other partners. One overarching goal is to reduce GHG emissions province-wide by at least 53% below 2005 levels by 2030, and a 90% reduction in emissions from the electricity sector by 2035. As of 2020, 43.4% of the province’s emissions came from the electricity sector, 32.3% from transportation and 12.4% from buildings.

Select energy-related actions of the 68 outlined in the Plan include:

  • Researching how to use battery technologies or electric vehicles for electricity storage and backup power supplies to make the electricity system more reliable;
  • Making sure there are enough trade professionals prepared to meet the demands of the clean economy by modernizing the Nova Scotia apprenticeship program;
  • Developing a clean investment plan that takes deliberate and strategic actions to ensure the Nova Scotia economy is prepared to respond to the needs of a low carbon economy;
  • Creating a clean fuels fund to support industries and businesses in adopting low-carbon and renewable fuels such as green hydrogen, renewable natural gas, biofuels, and sustainable biomass;
  • Modernizing the environmental assessment process to consider climate change impacts, cumulative effects, diversity, equity and inclusion, the role of independent review, and Netukulimk more fully; and
  • Launching the Green Choice Program in 2023 to allow large industrial energy consumers and government to purchase 100% renewable electricity as it becomes available.

During the next year, the provincial government will develop performance indicators and a baseline to help monitor the Plan. The progress and impacts will be reported on an annual basis, and the Plan will be reviewed and renewed within five years of its release.

To learn more about the NS Climate Change Plan for Clean Growth, visit: https://climatechange.novascotia.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/ns-climate-change-plan.pdf