Starting this month, Prince Edward Island is offering qualified low-income Islanders a free heat pump.

“We are working to make it easier and more affordable for Islanders to invest in the energy efficiency of their homes and contribute to our province’s net-zero goals,” says Steven Myers, PEI’s minister of environment, energy and climate action.

Under the Province’s efficiency programs, Islanders with a total household income of $35,000 or less are considered low income and will be eligible for a free heat pump.

At the same time, the province is implementing a new service model that includes an in-person navigation service, so that Islanders can find the best energy efficiency program for their home’s needs.

Islanders will no longer have to fill out applications or wait weeks to receive their rebates. If they qualify, the government will arrange for their heat pump installation with a local contractor and the government will cover the cost.

“We know that low-income Islanders have a harder time making the switch to electric heat sources based on the upfront costs,” Myers says. “But these new service models make rebates and services easier and more accessible for all Islanders.”