Two projects launched recently by Saint John Energy are underscoring the utility’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding ways for its customers to save both energy and money.

Fredericton startup Stash Energy will supply about 50 of its pioneering thermal storage heat pumps over the next two years in a pilot program for Saint John Energy customers. In addition, the utility’s Home Heat Saver service uses state-of-the-art, thermal detection technology to allow customers to “see” where energy is leaking from their homes and businesses.

The Stash Energy units store energy to be used during peak electricity demand, reducing the need for the utility to generate electricity from sources with high greenhouse gas emissions. The Saint John Energy program represents the first large-scale order for the firm which was founded in 2017.

As well, Saint John Energy has partnered with Natural Resources Canada, the University of New Brunswick and Calgary-based MyHeat to create Home Heat Saver. The federal government is contributing about $326,000 to the project. The Home Heat Saver service already has been piloted by the utility and represents a first in Atlantic Canada.

Through the use of thermal images taken from the air, it enables homeowners to target areas of their home that could benefit from energy-efficiency upgrades that will help them stay warmer, save money on their power bills, and help fight climate change. Customers are now able to log into their Saint John Energy accounts and view a private and personalized thermal image of their rooftops, allowing them to see where they are experiencing the most heat loss.

The two new programs are the latest examples of Saint John Energy’s mission to forge the Utility of the Future – expanding on an energy system for the port city that’s modern and sustainable.