Clean Energy Transition

Industry, utilities and government align on a clean energy future, so what’s the hold up?

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A perspective from the Smart Energy Event from April 15-16, 2024, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Commentary by Michelle Robichaud, President, Atlantica Centre for Energy. Atlantic Canada’s premier energy conference was held in Halifax earlier this month, and the Smart Energy conference delivered a jam-packed agenda and attracted the country’s top energy minds to debate

Grid-Scale Batteries 101

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What are grid-scale batteries? Grid-scale batteries, also known as utility-scale batteries or Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), are a collection of individual smaller batteries housed within a single controlled, large-scale energy storage system. They are designed to store electricity that can be accessed for use during periods of high demand or low generation and

Atlantic Canada can win in the energy transition, despite the ‘politics’

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$40 Billion in energy projects expected to begin construction before 2030 Commentary by Michelle Robichaud, President The Atlantica Centre for Energy’s Chair, Stephen MacMackin, recently wrote 2024 can be a pivotal time in Atlantic Canada’s energy transition if “some of the ‘politics’ can be removed to allow businesses to invest

Recap of Atlantic Canada’s 2024 provincial budgets and draft legislation

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Between February 29th and March 22nd, 2024, provincial governments across Atlantic Canada released their budgets for 2024-25. Below is a summary of select energy sector highlights from each of the budgets. New legislation proposed in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick relating to the sector are also outlined.   Nova Scotia Budget 2024:  Select highlights related

Member Spotlight: ABO Wind

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Atlantica recently interviewed Sean Fleming, Senior Project Manager Renewables, to learn more about ABO Wind’s regional and global stake in the energy sector. Q: Please tell us about ABO Wind. What is your role in the energy sector? Sean Fleming: I’m proud to be among more than 1200 employees who

Updates on Nova Scotia Power’s clean electricity transition

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Nova Scotia Power is busy preparing for a transition away from coal-fired electricity generation and to meet provincial mandates to provide 80 per cent renewable electricity sales by 2030, as well meet the federal government’s incoming Clean Electricity Regulations, which will require the utility to meet net-zero by 2035. Read below for a synopsis

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