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New paper provides glimpse into future electricity costs in Atlantic Canada

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 9, 2022Saint John, NB – Today, the Atlantica Centre for Energy released Atlantic Canada’s Electricity Future Discussion Series – Part 3: Electricity Costs, to help Atlantic Canadian residents and businesses better understand what electricity prices may be in a net-zero future. The discussion paper helps visualize publicly available data through

Exporting LNG: Good for Europe… and New Brunswick

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COMMENTARY: Michelle Robichaud, President, Atlantica Centre for Energy What if Atlantic Canada could make a meaningful contribution to global energy security and prosper from a significant economic investment in our region, while responsibly addressing our climate action goals? Simply put, that is what is on the table with a liquified natural gas (LNG) export

Bioheat: A Natural Solution for the Maritimes

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Around three-quarters of the world’s renewable energy is from biomass.  Bioenergy accounts for about 10 per cent of total final energy consumption and two per cent of global power generation. In the United States and the European Union, bioenergy accounts for 60 per cent of all renewable energy. In fact, over the past 20

The questions we aren’t asking about our clean energy transition

2022-11-21T20:58:11+00:00July 19th, 2022|Commentaries, Energy Stories, News|

COMMENTARY: Stephen MacMackin Reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 is an ambitious but important goal; one supported by businesses and residents across Canada. However, in Atlantic Canada, the path to get there must be more realistic, fair and affordable than it appears today. In June 2022, the Atlantica Centre for Energy released the first discussion paper in

NB Power Annual Report 2021/22

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Throughout 2021/22, we continued our focus on making improvements that benefit our customers – creating efficiencies, laying the foundation to make sure we are making the right decisions, providing you the right solutions, and most importantly delivering on what we say we are going to do. During the year, we were encouraged by your interest

Fuel price increases more shocking than solutions

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BY MICHELLE ROBICHAUD COMMENTARY Recent volatility in fuel prices has stunned most Atlantic Canadians and risen as a top concern for provincial governments across our region. While these extreme fluctuations are shocking, regional solutions are less so, though not without their own challenges. Russia’s war on Ukraine and corresponding import bans on Russian oil and

COMMENTARY: The year ahead and the race to 2030

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STEPHEN MACMACKIN COMMENTARY As we look ahead to 2022 and the environmental benchmark of 2030 looms another year closer, a sense of urgency is taking over deliberations about our energy future here in Atlantic Canada. We have just eight short years to reach the ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets Canada has put in place,

Agile energy regulations needed for climate goals

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Atlantic Canada needs to adopt a cohesive regional approach to building a clean energy future or it risks being hamstrung by outdated government policies and regulations, says a new discussion paper and commentary from the Atlantica Centre for Energy. In the discussion paper, released last month, the Centre calls for a regional effort backed by

COMMENTARY: Enabling a cleaner energy future empowered by Atlantic innovation

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STEPHEN MACMACKIN COMMENTARY In the face of the unmistakable consequences of climate change, society expects action on a clean energy future. With all the ingenuity and innovation we have within Atlantic Canada, clearly we can lead the way in forging that future. Amid the race to develop the next generation of clean energy solutions,

Don’t punish Atlantic Canada for its successes

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At the Atlantica Centre for Energy, we have been working tirelessly to determine the impacts of the Federal Climate Action Plan and Clean Fuel Standard, mindful that both of the new federal initiatives aim to add financial penalties on the use of carbon fuels that will have an impact on people and businesses in

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