The chief executive of Saint John Energy says the company’s innovations in smart grid technology and plans for renewable energy are positioning it to help meet the anticipated surge in electricity demand.

“As a nimble, locally owned utility focused on innovation, we are poised to be part of Canada’s clean energy revolution. We’re building the Utility of the Future right here in Saint John on three pillars: renewable energy, innovation in smart grid and smart products for consumers,” Ray Robinson, president and CEO of the 99-year-old municipally owned electrical utility, wrote in a recent commentary published online.

“To double the volume of energy being produced in Canada on a renewable basis, we need to harvest energy from resources that have traditionally gone untapped. That’s exactly what Saint John Energy is working toward through our partnerships in wind and solar power.”

Amid predictions that Canada will need twice to three times the amount of electricity as it strives to meet its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, Robinson noted that the utility’s innovation – including its advances in smart grid recognized on the global stage – could benefit the national and international efforts.

“We are … excited to be one of the utilities driving the development of a net-zero emission energy industry in Canada,” he wrote.

“We know that by meeting the needs and aspirations of our customers in innovative ways, we can continue to make a positive contribution to the prosperity of not only Saint John but advance innovation that can aid Canada, and the world, meet its clean energy ambitions.”