As all of us continue to navigate our way through the Covid-19 pandemic, we have begun to discuss what the recovery could look like – for ourselves, our businesses, our economy and our society.

Safety and health remains a top priority, while governments are suggesting it could be months of isolating yet.

In a letter earlier this month, Atlantica president Colleen d’Entremont looked at the “perfect storm” ahead for the energy sector and the region.

We know it will be a long and difficult road back for many. At Atlantica, we’ve been bringing businesses and leaders together to discuss a wide range of issues, including health and safety, customer and market responses to the crisis, supply chain disruptions, short- and long-term economic impacts, government responses and more.

Looking ahead to a future beyond the pandemic, we are examining the potential for the region’s energy sector to serve as a catalyst for recovery.

We are heartened with the response by the energy sector and the business community at large as they lend a hand to help others get through this. We are witness to countless acts of dedication, kindness and generosity.

As organizations and businesses closed offices and sent employees home, crews in the energy sector remained at the ready to ensure essential services were delivered and focused on helping their communities prepare and cope.

We read, for instance, how Saint John Energy personnel were working day and night to harden service to the city’s hospitals and how Irving Oil moved to retool its blending and packaging facility in Saint John, N.B. to produce hand sanitizer.

Headlines in the region were peppered with news of generous donations.

Emera and its subsidiary Nova Scotia Power donated $1 million to help vulnerable individuals through the crisis.

The Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation donated $1 million to an emergency relief fund in New Brunswick that in turn invested in improved testing and equipment for COVID-19 at hospitals throughout the province.

JD Irving, Limited and the McCain Foundation each contributed $1 million to support the Food Depot Alimentaire, a regional hub that distributes food to more than 60 food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, and school programs in New Brunswick.

These are but a few examples of the generosity and compassion in our region as it deals with the economic crisis brought about by the pandemic.

It underscores how we will best get through these unprecedented times – together.